Teresa Fogelberg

As former GRI's Deputy Chief Executive Fogelberg was in charge of policy and sustainable development, and the Policy team. Before joining GRI, Fogelberg was Netherlands Director Climate Change and Industry, and served as Head of Delegation to the UN Climate Change Conference of Parties, amongst other during the Dutch Presidency of the COP.  She succeeded in winning the international UN-led tender for the selection of a host country for GRI, which resulted in Amsterdam as the global headquearters for GRI. She also held several director positions at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, such as Women and Development/Human Rights, and Research and Education. In additi-on, Fogelberg  worked for the U.N. Secretary General at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002,  in charge of the private sector, and public-private partnerships. Fogelberg is member of the board of several sustainability organizations, such as WWF, SEED International, ICIMOD and Questionmark.