Giuseppe van der Helm

Giuseppe van der Helm is an expert in the field of sustainable investing, CSR, and ethical tax governance. He connects people and organisations form several stakeholder groups to link visions and principles to concrete policies and actions today.
He has been the director of the VBDO, the Association of Investors for Sustainable Development in The Netherlands, from November 2006 to December 2015. He has been President of Eurosif from July 1, 2009 until December 2015. Currently he is chairman of the Tax Justice Network in The Netherlands.

Giuseppe studied Chemical Engineering and Business Administration at Twente University in The Netherlands. After his graduation he started as a marketer with chemical company DSM, where he worked for 10 years in various positions. During that period he got his first taste of sustainability while working in Paris as Quality Assurance Manager for the automotive industry. After a brief episode as Business Unit Manager with Sigma Coatings he worked as President Europe with motor oil company Valvoline. 

In 2002 Giuseppe decided to leave the world of commerce and dedicate his energy to build a better world. After a sabbatical in which he travelled the world studied Theology at the University of Tilburg. He taught Philosophy of Life, was a member of the Stakeholder Council of GRI. Currently he is a member of the Advisory Council of SNS Bank, is a jury member of the SDG Challenge Award and the Transparency Benchmark, and is chairing several social foundations.