Nominees Crystal Prize 2018 announced

Four organizations have been nominated for the Crystal Prize (Kristalprijs) 2018 on the theme of Chain Transparency.

Organizations that are open about their supply chain responsibility, that are transparent about their own impact, cooperate with stakeholders and include supply chain responsibility in their strategy and corporate social responsibility have a chance of winning the Crystal Prize 2018.

The nominees for 2018 in random order are:

  • Zeeman Group B.V.
  • Plus Retail B.V.
  • Unilever NV
  • Royal Philips NV

More than marketing

This year, the organization of the Crystal Prize asked accountants, NGOs, journalists and stakeholders to nominate inspiring examples of chain transparency.

Openness about child labour, environmental pollution and discrimination

Chain transparency is one of the basic principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The EU Transparency Directive requires large companies to be clear about the results, risks and policies relating to the environment, social conditions and diversity from 2018 onwards.
The organization of the Crystal Prize 2018: "More and more stakeholders want insight into the sustainability and social performance of organizations, in addition to being accountable for financial results. With the climate goals from the Paris Agreement, the OECD Guidelines, the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and ‘Netherlands Circular 2050’, transparency is increasingly important for organizations' right to exist.


A panel of experts, from accountants to sustainability specialists, assessed the nominations and social annual reports of these organizations and investigated the motive of their strategy. The four nominated organizations have been selected for the evaluation of the Crystal Jury led by Monika Milz. The jury will choose the winner from the four nominees.

The award ceremony is on November 29th

Read more about the Crystal Prize.

Monday, 22 October, 2018