Panel of experts

The panel monitors the quality of the assessment and deals with any objection of the companies. The panel assesses the top 20 of the Transparency Benchmark: the highest scoring reports plus additional reports. The panel evaluates the quality based criteria (relevance, clarity, reliability, involvement of stakeholders and contextual coherence) and sets the scores based on its own set of criteria up or down at a maximum of 15 percent. The top 3 is presented by the panel to the jury. The panel also appoints ‘good practices’, the most communicative and most innovative annual report, the best SME and the sector winners. Each year the panel recommends for a possible revision of the assessment criteria.

The panel of experts consists of the following members:

  • Chairwoman: Mrs. Teresa Fogelberg;
  • Vice chairman: Mr. Giuseppe van der Helm.
  • Member on behalf of expert Science: Mr. René Orij;
  • Member on behalf of communication consultants: Mr. Gijs Droge
  • Mevr. Charlotte Linnebank;
  • Erika Marseille;
  • Gerhard Schuil;
  • Marhijn Visser;
  • Jos Reinhoudt;
  • Paul Hurks;
  • Ralph Thurm.