Wavin N.V.

Company score031.0025.0017.0026.0023.0031.00130.80152.80173.00456.00
Sector average010.5210.5912.0712.8513.9313.5941.5357.2173.6785.38
Sector max042.0034.0036.0042.0054.0055.00154.65185.90189.01197.00
CategoryScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Strategy and Policy8.002.939.0011.00
Governance structure and management approach1.000.814.005.00

Category: Profile

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Description of main products and services1.000.441.001.00
Account of countries in which company is active1.000.411.001.00
Number of employees, turnover and results1.000.371.001.00
Account of group relations and ownership structure1.000.371.001.00
Description of impact of core processes and activities0.000.523.003.00
Description of position in chain and chain impact0.

Category: Strategy and Policy

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Account of CSR vision and strategy2.000.782.003.00
Account of board's future expectations for CSR0.
Account of internal guidelines on desirable conduct2.000.632.002.00
Account of external guidelines adopted1.000.371.001.00
Insight into policy on chain responsibility0.
Account of social engagement activities3.000.813.003.00

Category: Governance structure and management approach

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Insight into organisational structure1.000.672.002.00
Description of management and control of CSR0.

Category: Results

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Activities with regard to responsible chain management0.
Control and management of responsible chain management0.

Category: Relevance

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Policy on economic aspects of business operations1.000.441.001.00
Results of economic aspects of business operations1.000.523.003.00
Objectives of economic aspects of business operations1.000.302.002.00
Effected improvements in economic policy1.000.441.001.00
Reflection on results achieved in relation to economic aspects1.000.482.003.00

Category: Clarity

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Policy on environmental aspects of enterprise1.000.371.001.00
Results on environmental aspects of operations0.
Effected improvements in environmental policy0.
Reflection on results achieved on environmental aspects0.

Category: Reliability

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Policy on social aspects of enterprise1.000.441.001.00
Results of social aspects of business operations1.000.412.003.00
Objectives of social aspects of business operations1.
Effected improvements in social policy0.000.412.002.00
Reflection on results achieved on social aspects1.000.331.002.00

Category: Framework

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Explanation of reporting policy and process0.
Explanation of scope of reporting0.
Presence of cross references between reports1.000.331.001.00