AutoBinck Beheer N.V.

Sector: Retail
Company score00.
Sector average05.324.614.685.276.456.4612.6117.1019.3433.84
Sector max036.0037.0027.0043.0060.0056.00124.00175.35164.02176.00
CategoryScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Strategy and Policy0.002.5520.0020.00
Governance structure and management approach0.001.5215.0018.00
Corporate responsible reporting policy0.000.6913.0017.00
Stakeholder engagement0.000.6321.0020.00

Category: Profile

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Provision of company profile0.
Description of core processes and activities0.
Quantitative summary of the profile0.000.502.002.00
Brief overview of CSR in the chain0.000.796.006.00

Category: Strategy and Policy

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Account of context, strategy and policy regarding CSR0.000.845.005.00
Account of vision and strategy on CSR0.000.937.007.00
Account of CSR risks and opportunities0.000.383.003.00
Insight into policy on chain responsibility0.000.415.005.00

Category: Governance structure and management approach

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Outline of executive duties + backgrounds of directors0.000.362.002.00
Insight into organisational structure0.000.412.002.00
CSR duties and responsibilities carried out0.
Explanation of CSR weighting factor in remuneration structure0.
Anchoring of stakeholder involvement in CSR0.
Description of CSR management and control0.000.325.005.00

Category: Results

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Insight into chain responsibility activities0.000.527.007.00

Category: Corporate responsible reporting policy

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Insight into stakeholders0.
Guaranteeing involvement of stakeholders0.000.368.008.00
Calculation of stakeholder information requirement0.
Involvement of stakeholders in CSR aspects0.

Category: Relevance

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Explanation of CSR results0.000.666.006.00
Results of economic aspects of operations0.000.383.003.00
Objectives of economic aspects0.

Category: Clarity

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Results of environmental aspects of operations0.
Explanation of policy on environment-related aspects0.000.362.002.00
Objectives of environmental aspects of operations0.

Category: Reliability

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Results of social aspects of operations0.
Explanation of policy on social aspects0.
Objective of social aspects in the next period0.
Insight into activities on social involvement0.
Explanation of policy on social involvement0.

Category: Stakeholder engagement

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Declaration by subject experts0.
Verification by independent expert0.000.339.459.00
Type of declaration by independent expert0.000.157.357.00

Category: Framework

CriterionScoreSector averageSector maxMax score
Explanation of reporting policy and process0.
Explanation of scope of reporting0.
Explanation of delimitation of report0.
Explanation of verification of reporting0.
Themes are of material importance0.000.716.006.00
Prompt release of accounting information0.
Comparability of accounting information0.
Insight into specific CSR dilemmas and issues0.000.516.006.00
Presence of cross references between reports0.000.364.204.00
Presence of summary of CSR results0.000.406.306.00
Glossary of terms included0.
Sustainability reporting is accessible0.000.934.204.00
Vision on relevant social themes0.
Provision of contact information0.000.171.401.00
Explanation of policy in context of sustainable development0.000.326.006.00
Explanation of social strategy (as opposed to business strategy)0.000.354.004.00
Results in relation to internal and external developments0.000.254.0010.00